Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Toothache will kill the tooth nerve ending it?

Some patients afflicted by toothache when the sleepless nights, are looking for a fast way to stop a toothache, so many people think of to kill the tooth nerve, hoping to achieve this approach is no longer the purpose of toothache . However, many people kill the tooth nerve is very one-sided understanding of the part. In fact, not only kill the tooth nerve can cure toothache.

Nerve within the tooth pulp include gum tissue, which contains blood vessels, lymphatic tissue, etc., hot and cold stimulation of the teeth are very sensitive and sweet and sour stimuli, when the bacteria on the gums, hard to reach the second layer of tissue damage, the mouth of the physical and chemical tooth nerve stimulation will be perceived. At this point the patient's Dental Instruments feeling that lightning pain or severe pain. Therefore, patients hoping to kill the tooth nerve to quickly relieve pain, to be the end.

In fact, if only some cavities on the tooth, the pulp has not been infected in the case of root canal treatment by dental fill holes, and then take some anti-inflammatory measures, can be a good stop toothache. Under normal circumstances, the doctor will suggest we try to keep the tooth nerve, because the tooth pulp nerve is responsible for the metabolism, loss of tooth nerves, teeth, there is no source of nutrition, it will become a dead dental pulp, the teeth will deteriorate the toughness, strength will be reduced, become crisp and bleak.

In addition, some patients feel after killing toothache and tooth nerves did not disappear, because root inflammation, rather than the tooth nerve problems, eat anti-inflammatory drugs will be good. So when we feel a toothache, do not rush to the doctor to kill the tooth nerve, first check what causes toothache, listen to the doctor's recommendations, and then determine treatment options, this is the most reliable scientific methods.

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